About us

The Sheffield Centre of Education was founded by two highly experienced teachers, assessors and Internal Quality Assurers, Annie and Terasa.

Annie is qualified and experienced in many areas and has led her team at the award winning and Ofsted Outstanding Sheffield Children’s Centre for over 30 years. She has in depth knowledge of Early Years, Accountancy, Management and Leadership, Teaching and Special Educational Needs to name a few. Annie has ensured her previous business projects have an outstanding reputation whilst also providing a sense of compassion, care, support and financial assistance for those most in need in both the United Kingdom and overseas. 

Terasa has a wealth of knowledge in various areas including Psychology, Early years, Teacher Education, Quality Assurance, Autism, Medical Aesthetics and Advanced Laser and Lights. Her work has varied from teaching in the private, FE and HE sectors whilst maintaining her leading roles at two of the United Kingdom’s largest Cosmetic Surgeries. Alongside this she has worked as a Laser Safety Officer and has taught for Laser companies in both the United Kingdom and overseas. She is passionate about Educational Psychology and working with those who require additional support during their learning journey. Her current research interests lie primarily in moral reasoning and offending.

Our Team


We lead a team of outstanding teachers, assessors and quality assurers, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their sector. The team are passionate about maintaining their own Continuous Professional Development in order to ensure they bring you the most up to date and current information within your chosen subject area.

Our team include teachers, Early year’s specialists, Social Workers, Make-up artists, Hair dressers, Doctors, nurses, psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational and physiotherapists, therapists, music and art therapists, accountants, established actors and ITC engineers.

It is paramount that all our teachers have a high level of industry knowledge and experience, with this in mind they do not teach full time in order to maintain a consistent level of excellence in their subject specialism.

All our teachers are available for mentoring. If you would like to discuss this element with us, please do not hesitate to contact our admin team.

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