SEND Pre-school and Therapy Sessions

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

“The privilege of being oneself is a gift many take for granted, but for someone with autism, being allowed to be oneself is the greatest gift of all” Alyssa Aleksanian, 2016

Our highly specialised team run regular classes, support sessions, assessments, therapy and workshops for families who have children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, with a keen focus on children and young people with profound speech and language difficulties, Autism, Co-ordination, muscle and attention disorders.

Here our team of Autistic adults, Teachers, Psychologists, Academics, Speech and language therapists, Music, Art and Lego therapists, Re-bound therapists and Occupational and Physio Therapists work together to create an exceptional learning environment for Pre-School Children and their families.

All our therapists and practitioners are experienced, qualified and registered in their specialist area. Working alongside one another enables us to create a tailor made therapy plan that is individualised to each child’s needs. We work closely with autistic adults and children and the parents of autistic children to ensure every session is focused on the wellbeing and happiness of each of our pupils.

Our team is trained in various techniques such as Attention Autism, PECS/Manding, DIR Floortime, Intensive Interaction, Responsive Teaching, Relationship Development Intervention, Hanen, SCERTS, TEACCH, Early Start Denver Model, Makaton, Functional Communication Training and Sign Language.

We have both funded and Independent places available and we frequently offer free of charge therapies to our enrolled children.

If you are interested in securing a place for your child, please click on the enrol link on our homepage.


Our Centre works in collaboration with three Universities and one college, allowing us to share best practice with the goal of supporting as many autistic individuals as possible.

Here we work alongside preregistration students and their lecturers to create vital learning opportunities for students whilst also proving our registered children with additional support systems.

If you are a training establishment interested in working in partnership, please email us directly.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy


Training and support for professionals

Our team is led by Terasa, a Qualified and registered Teacher and Psychologist. Terasa has undertaken post graduate training in autism, her approach is entirely focused on accepting autistic individuals for who they are and educating others on how they can support autistic individuals throughout their learning journey and beyond.

If you are a professional requiring training, support or advise in relation to an autistic child you may be supporting or teaching, one of our workshops or 1:1 sessions may be highly beneficial to your professional role.

We also provide support and training for teachers and educational settings by working with the families of autistic children and their SENCO/Teachers, enabling professionals to fully understand the child’s therapy needs and how they can support this process.

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